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Authors' Lounge


As I am a long time fan of Dungeon Adventures Magazine, I appreciate the work and effort that goes into creating a module for publication.  Original ideas, concepts and designs are sometimes revised, completely changed or lost totally during the editing process.  These changes would be forever lost if not for your help.

Players and GMs alike can write directly to you if you provide me with an email address.  A DM may have a question as to why you chose a cloud giant instead of a hill giant, or why the wand of wonder's command word is Issiltip.  What is the back story behind these ideas?  What changed from the initial concept of the adventure?

If you wrote any of the modules in Dungeon Magazine, and would like to be contacted by DMs and/or players about your design for the module whether in its current or an earlier form, please write to me at  In that e-mail, let me know which e-mail address you would like to use to be contacted.  I will include an auto-email hyperlink on the page which has the issue details so that people can write directly to you.


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