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Updates Page

A historical list of updates, modifications and other changes to the site.


04-11-2000  Added issue #67 cover (cant find interior) and issues #39-#33.  I have scanned in the covers of the remaining issues and intend to put them up ASAP.  The delay from last update was from Once On This Island, a play I helped direct.  Its done now.

03-31-2000  Added animated gif on front of page, issues back until 1993.

03-29-2000  Added banner links for RPGHost and AD&D Webring data.  Began participation in Banner Exchange program.

03-28-2000  Added Back Issues until 1995, added March/April 2000 Issue.  Created category PURPLE for D&D adventures.

03-27-2000  Linked Cover Gallery to Issues through a table.  Fixed line breaks on newer issues typed in through Notepad.  Added explanation of color schemes in front of Issues page.  Added Authors' Lounge page.

03-24-2000  Cosmetic changes and fixed errors.  Removed counter from the site because it was not loading properly.

03-23-2000  Added the issues from 1998 that I have.

03-22-2000   Put up issues 72-78, implemented cover gallery & format for issues, put text into the search page for what is searchable, dropped out the top and left side banners because they stopped working.

03-21-2000   Put the site up, started the basic CGI search and HTML Gear polls.



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